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Driveline lubrication


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Another question that may benefit from experiences here.

My bought new '92 XE 4x (almost 100K) came with only one zirc fitting on the rear driveshaft, that on the slip joint.

The U-joints did not have them and neither the manual or the big workbook mentions lubrication.

They do, however, have plugs on the spiders (not the caps).   I think I put fittings there years ago just to add grease, then replaced the screws. 

After the better part of a day replacing the joints on my son's Toyota pickup ( 400+K) last week, I figured I would like to avoid doing so on my Pathy.

Any ideas pro or con or experiences to share? 






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TBH changing the u joints on these are not that bad. I did mine trying to chase down a vibration and it only took a couple of hours. Being in California you probably have no rust to contend with either. I did replace them with grease-able units and lube them every other oil change, or when I remember they exist. The front shaft I just keep greasing the slip yoke and it is fine. The front does not spin in 2wd with the hubs unlock so I suspect the wear there is minimal.


For what it's worth the u joints I changed had around 220km on them and they looked perfectly fine with no binding whatsoever... Gotta love that 90s Japanese quality.


Honestly greasing them once and a while should keep them going for a long time. That's just been my experience.

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I completely agree with adamzan, I did mine without a press just a ball peen hammer and if you give the inside of the ears where the bearing cap seats a light emery cloth scrub the new parts will go in easy, it took me a little while how to figure out how to completely dismantle the front driveshaft to clean all the old grease out of the slip yoke, i only needed to do that for the powdercoating since i had it all apart I polished the shaft with the splines and put in new grease and it slides a lot smoother. good luck and don’t drop the roller bearings on the floor when reinstalling 366b00fed19849570c43fa0c60e35557.jpg2b8681313a92a2f5e9bf4f2d9d44dcf3.jpg

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