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ERROR CODE 11/34 - Replace Distributor or Sensor Near Oil Filter? Other possible issues?


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Order of events below:


- Two days ago I noticed a loss of power and a mile later the car basically died. I had my friend tow me back to work.

- That evening the car starts up fine and I can drive it a few miles, I think to myself, huh, strange.

- I drive it to work the next day and it does fine.

- It dies again driving around on my lunch break.


I get it back home and run all the diagnostics and I get the following information:


- Error codes 11/32/34

- Air:Fuel mixture more than 5% lean

- Crankshaft position sensor issue


My HAYNES manual says the crankshaft position sensor is in the distributer, but I am also seeing that there is a sensor near the oil filter (see attached image) that is the crankshaft position sensor according to the internet for Xterras/Frontiers. Anyone know what that sensor in the image is? It is just behind the passenger side control arm/frame next to the oil filter towards the transmission.


Any help is extremely appreciated!


Also, I took a video of the sound of the engine when it is getting ready to die. I had to rev the engine up during diagnostics. I also have another video of when the problem first arose and I pulled over. Video is in YouTube video below:





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2 minutes ago, gamellott said:

I can't see the videos, but the sensor next to your oil filter should be your oil pressure switch. The orangish looking boot is just a dust cover for it.

thanks for that, so step 1 will be diagnosing the distributor crank angle sensor.


Video links are here: https://youtu.be/Wb3hJ1q6rKw & https://youtu.be/ThBmWxZa3gQ



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I recommend checking, cleaning all of the connectors you have off to the left (Passenger side front of valve cover). I discovered that, sometimes, these connectors can get so dirty that they actually lose their connection. Short of the charging system, all of the wires that control/run the motor go through that bundle. Also, there is a ground tab on the distributor (Should be on the front of it). Make sure that is connected as well (When I went through the heads on mine, that wire broke).

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Your symptoms sound a lot like ones I have had in the past with my 1980+ frankenstein 200sx. It sounds like the sensor unit that is built into the distributor is failing. I suggest replacing the entire distributor, since around here they are only about $20 more than the sensor module and you won't have to worry about wear in the shaft bearings. 


Get a spark tester (they are cheap) and see if you have lost spark when the engine dies. You can also try cooling the distributor when it does on you and if it starts back up after cooling, you know it is the problem. 

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