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Sub frame drop


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So, I'm finally getting around to start planning the build more and pricing materials out. A few nights ago I was out offroad and I ripped my front bumper off (whoops) so now its kick started my project of fabing an offroad worthy bumper. Its also lead me to wonder what I'll need to do the SFD (sub-frame drop) so I was hoping someone would be able to give me a bit of instruction? Maybe tell me where to find the mounts lol and better yet, show me their builds and SFD. Thanks in advance friends, can't wait to get my girl looking like the beast she is. (I tried to attach an image of what she's looking like right now but it says the file is too big?) 

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On 1/3/2021 at 8:57 PM, jessrob said:

@hawairish really hoping for your input ?  I know you're pretty respected around here so thank you thank you lol


I appreciate that, thanks.


I don't mind helping with more specific questions, but the post is too broad right now.  Since @TowndawgR50 and I still make kits occasionally, there's a conflict of interest to divulge all we know here.  Keep in mind nearly all of this is either documented around the forum (loosely or otherwise), and practically none of it is off-the-shelf.  I applaud DIY effort, but I think more research is required here before I can help with anything.  For sure, spacer dimensions have been posted for years, and I've personally detailed everything about the most expensive part, the steering link, on NPORA previously.



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