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AC compressor pulley/clutch replacement and shims, anyone do this before?


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So I’m putting on the new pulley and clutch and the replacement came with shims/washers.


In general I have found the correct space to be .3-.6mm and would set as such.


Problem is. The clutch is recessed in the pulley so there is no way to measure the gap. Not sure why to do here.



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That's unhelpful. You may be able to measure the air gap from the outside of the clutch. Set up a piece of flat stock across the clutch hub, measure the gap between that and the clutch disk, then press the disc against the pulley and measure the gap again, and the difference is your air gap. Or, if the clutch isn't recessed into the pulley enough that it's completely shrouded, you could press the disk, measure from the back of the pulley to the front of the clutch with calipers, then release the clutch and measure again.

If measuring fractions of a millimeter while holding a clutch down doesn't work out, and it's not obviously dragging or sticking out half an inch past where it should be, I would just send it and see how it goes. If it engages and disengages and doesn't make horrible squealing noises, call it good. If not, adjust as necessary. I had to adjust the aircon clutch on my friend's S10 to get it to quit squealing (brand new compressor that came with the clutch installed, guess they didn't set the gap right) and it didn't take much additional gap to shut it up. Looking at the diagram, a piece of aluminum foil tape over the spacer might do the trick if you find yourself in a similar situation.

The service manual suggests engaging and disengaging the clutch about thirty times to break it in.

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Of course the clutch disc does not recess fully into the pulley. I’m also doing this with the compressor installed and already put the pulley and snap ring on, no easy feat with all no other disassembly of the car.

Came with 6 spacers. I think only 2-3 fell out when I removed the original. I’m gonna throw it on with 3 and go from there.

Not super easy to R&R the disc over and over testing but I think it’s my best option with everything assembled at this point.


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