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R50 Longevity


How many miles on your R50?  

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  1. 1. How many Miles on your R50

    • <200K
    • 200K-250K WITHOUT major engine/tranny rebuild
    • 200K-250K WITH major engine/tranny rebuild
    • 250K+ WITHOUT major engine/tranny rebuild
    • 250K+ WITH major engine/tranny rebuild
    • My Odo reads in Parsecs now.

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So I joined this forum with a new-to-me '01.5 Pathfinder SE with 135K miles. 9 years later I'm at 210K. My wife's '08 Subaru Legacy is at 110K and we are looking at replacing one of our vehicles. I honestly enjoy the Pathfinder more and the new car will be hers/family car either way. Am I nuts for wanting to keep it?


I haven't been active in years but when I was I know a few people where pushing 250K. What are you guys getting to now? Am I on borrowed time? Are these things good for 250K+?


Aside from regular maintenance/ wear items I've put relatively little into it and I still enjoy the driving the Pathfinder and its relatively lost cost of ownership. 

  • Suspension: Full Poly Bushings and 4X KYB shock/ struts and bearings
  • Both Cam Shaft Position Sensors 3X (takes me about 5min to diagnose and <10min to replace ?)
  • Cyl #2 Coil (OEM)
  • MAF (OEM Maxima)
  • IACV (OEM)
  • Alternator (OEM replacement)
  • Rad Fan and Clutch
  • Radiator (top leak)


Since about 175K I've always said one Tranny or Engine repair and this thing is dead to us. Not worth the cost to repair. 

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Mine got to 265k before it succumbed to lifter death. But being a manual and liking ''spirited driving" and towing, I drove it hard .


If you have clatter that lasts for more than a couple of seconds at cold start its probably coming for you. On these particular engines some of the other common causes of clatter like loose exhaust manifold and injector tick are unlikely, but still possible.


Wow interesting on your cam sensor issue. I had to replace one once only.


I also did one legitimate alternator replacement , the other was caused by a faulty scan tool.


Two valve cover gasket replacements, one warrantied


Replaced broken intake boot with filter system.


Did a lift kit after my rear shocks needed replacement.


Replaced broken rad clutch with electric fan system.


Replaced belt idle pulley due to rattle.


*forgot - replaced a starter


And of course several brake pad and rotor replacements until I was more careful cleaning rotors on installation.


I think that's it.


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Mine has 288K on the clock and runs beautifully. Granted, I have changed a good deal of parts, but nothing I would consider to be a true “overhaul”. Just preventative items like injectors, a few sensors, intake stuff, alternator, PS pump, etc. The only thing I’ve ever had break and leave me “stranded” was a belt that snapped due to a bad idler pulley bearing. Everything else I’ve changed has been due to a minor evap code or preventative maintenance


I will say that I tend to drive my truck more cautiously than some. I make a point to keep it under 3K rpm usually unless I’m on the highway climbing steep hills. I also baby the Auto transmission as much as possible. But for some other things I’ve gone a long time without any maintenance and haven’t had any issues. The cooling system has been rock solid and I never flushed it once in 5 years 

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My 97 with the 5sp 4x is only sitting at 92,500 km which is something like 57,000 miles. the only things ive noticed go wrong on it majorly is the EVAP solenoid which i still have to fix since its not giving me problems just a light, cracked cooling fan, stupid no seal problem with the radiator. other then that basic oil coolant timing belt stuff which i just did in august for the first time in its life. it turned out i had a small cam leak that i had suspected was a valve cover but was not the case. it wasnt poring oil just dropping about the size of a quarter or 3 every other day but i still had to do it while i was in there. this thing hasnt been beat on very hard, sometimes its fun to launch it from a stop and pop the clutch here and there but other wise its just been real loyal to me. Since my mother is the first owner i can speak on behalf of its entire lifetime in our hands. even after being severely over heated once a bout a year and a half ago its been like new with no problems what so ever. very reliable, capable, fun machines. like said above in PathyGig12's post, i do the same with keeping the rpms down. when on the highway trying to get up to speed from either a stop or merging, ill shift around 4500 but when im cruising ill keeping around 3k or 3500 then let it cruise anywhere between 2k and 2500. any higher on flat ground makes me feel off. if im on a hill ill leave it at 3k since it just doesnt have the go to keep going any lower in a gear that isnt 1st or second, or 4L. 

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I’m at 250k with my 01. Runs great I and think if I were to continue driving and maintaining it the way I do, I could get another 100k out it.  


I have done done a lot of other things though like radiator and fan, rear main seal, belts pulleys, all fluids, brakes, cv’s and more.  I have not done the power valve screw loctite yet but I’m guessing if they were going to fall out it would have already happened. IACV, starter, alternator and fuel pump are all things I think about replacing just for reliability. 


This vehicle runs runs great and has never hiccuped or skipped a beat with me yet. I have about 9 more months until the next smog is due. I’m hoping for no issues with that. If it passes I’ll keep driving it. If it doesn’t I’ll probably buy one of those used motors from JDM for a grand and swap it out.

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140k miles on mine (a 2003 auto) and it honestly feels like a new car. I also bought it recently but you can tell when a car has been properly maintained and when it still has a ton of life in it.

Transmission shifts very smoothly, engine pulls hard, no strange noises or major leaks and minimal rust.


I did put loctite on the power valve screws (they were all there) but other than that, I'm sure this thing could last another 150k or more. Parts scarcity may be a bigger issue in fact.

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Hit 230k miles yesterday. I broke a trans cooler line on a rock wheeling this summer which sprayed the trans until empty. A month later the trans started acting up so I swapped it. I guess that’s my fault. Engine is rock solid though 

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Mine, a 2000 manual gear, 3.3l, previous owner did a full engine repair at 240.000km (150.000miles), at 260.000km i broke 2 valve lifters.. have to replace them all 12, and re build the camshafts... So far.. it has been a great ride, have done some  "long" trips with my family (2.500km - 1.550m), now it has 278.000km (173.000m). Did MAF replacement (Altima OEM), 1.5" spring lift, and some minor stuff... And...We are thinking not to sell it... for now...

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