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R50 manual locking hubs


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Looking to buy a set of manual hubs for my 02 Qx4. I've wasted my money/time on the cheap ebay offerings that look like the Rugged Ridge, they only last a couple of months before they start grinding in free mode.

Would like a decent used set of; OEM factory, Mile marker, Rugged Ridge, or Aisin.

If anyone has an extra Set of 28  spline laying around...

I have some trade fodder; extra set of new Nolothane panhard bushings, and a panhard drop bracket??

Thanks, Bama

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I'm going on the assumption they're roached based on the amount of brass shavings found inside. I'll pony up for better ones at this point. I'm frugal (in that I'll buy a gallon for twice the price of a quart), I'm not scared to spend money on a better part. I had heard of folks having good luck with these, but it ain't me.

We have very little in my area for junkyards. Because we have one that has 5-6 portable crushers that they take to all the others and crush everything, very sad.

I work 12hr night shifts and just don't have "picking time" to search...

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I have Mile Markers on my 1999. I just used it to isolate the front CVs and drive it like the station wagon it is, but no problems. $99 on sale at 4x4 Parts IIRC, on sale. Black friday would have been a good time to look, but if you are patient and keep your eyes open, you should be able to get them pretty cheap.



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