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Lift Kit R50


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Hello everyone!!   I am lifting my Pathfinder soon. Well, as soon as i can find the right lift. Ive been noticing that ill have to get everything seperate and cant order a FULL kit. I found one that from Australia but it wont let me order it to the United States.....  https://www.superspares.com.au/2-inch-50mm-webco-lovells-suspension-lift-kit-for~10251572   Would this even work or does someone know how to get it to the united states? I have done a lot of research but im afraid ill get the wrong things and to do some sending back and such. Could someone please help me with a list of things i should purchase to get a 2 inch to 2.5 inch lift. Thanks in advance for the help...


Also im trying to keep the stock rims (17s) and not have to purchase new ones if possible.. ive noticed some parts require a 3.75 back spacing???

Also dont want to go with spacers...


Thanks again for the help!!


2004 Pathfinder 4x4 LE 

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Hey Dezm,


Thanks for the video. Helped a lot. Just want to to make sure. Am i going to get new rims with this lift kit? Says 3.75 backspace... trying to keep my rims..




Thanks for all your help.

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