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Suspension and other misc parts and CANADA


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Hey everyone, new guy here, and love some of the fine detail put in all over this site by everyone. I’m new to Nissan,  and recently got an R50.  She’s pretty much stock, but runs decent and body is in good shape. It was a good buy for the price, and all the research I did here helped me form a check list while going over the unit before purchase. Greatly appreciated! 
So my question is sort of region specific, I’m on the east coast of Canada, and I’m wondering if it’s gonna be more cost efficient to just get parts locally at say... Napa, or actually get stuff shipped that’s sort of Nissan Pathfinder designed. Not doing much to it right away, but I’m thinking of doing wear and tear parts, which will mean suspension, so I’m thinking of the 2” spring lift. Also where’s all the exhaust sound videos at? Magnaflow or what do you guys recommend.

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