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Clutch cylinder bleed fix!


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TL;DR if your stubborn clutch doesn't want to get rid of that last little air bubble, give it a few mega stomps to coerce it.


I found an instance where aggression actually is the answer!  And no I'm not getting political.  A few days ago my clutch master cylinder blew on the way to work and the car was basically undrivable.


After a tow to the mechanic and a subsequent tow back home (mechanic wanted $500!!!!!! to fix), I ordered a new part and installed in the dark after work, but couldn't get the system fully bled after an hour of attempts.  I could still drive the car with a squishy clutch so I waited until this evening to give it another go, this time reverse-bleeding using a syringe.


When a few attempts of that didn't work I was pissed, and took my frustration out on the clutch pedal, giving it about a dozen nuclear powered rage stomps.


Clutch works perfect now...

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I just replaced my slave clutch cylinder and I thought changing the hose at the same time would be a good idea.  Between stomping like a maniac and the partially filled drain bottle connected to the bleed screw I did not need a second person to operate the clutch to bleed it successfully.

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