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Turn Signal Not Returning to Neutral Position

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So as title states, I am having an intermittent issue with my turn signal. My right side stalk will work. But will not return to a neutral state once the turn is completed. It doesn't happen on right turns only. Doesn't matter how little or how big the turn is, it doesn't return to neutral.

I removed the stalk to check for damage but I didn't find anything wrong with the tabs that actually trigger the switch off. Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks!

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Have you had a wheel alignment recently? 
If the steering wheel has been re-fitted off-centre (bad alignment shops often cause this) the wheel may need close to a full-turn to hit the detents on the switch.

Also - make sure the two roll pins are in place on the bottom of the steering wheel. 

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I have a similar problem with mine, though it is the left cancel that is not reliable. In my case I believe it is wear on the tabs on the steering wheel and the switch. With mine, it got worse when I replaced the steering wheel. 

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