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how to lower the engine idle


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'03 has an electronic throttle body, so the idle speed is set by the computer. If the computer can't bring the idle down, maybe there's something preventing the throttle body from closing all the way. I would check the throttle body for gunk or debris, but be careful if you go to clean it, IIRC the computer panics if the % open vs flow changes too quickly and digs its heels in and refuses to re-learn and generally makes a nuisance of itself. I remember reading something about cleaning the throttle body a little at a time so the computer doesn't get its panties bunched. What's the tach say it's idling at, in drive? Any codes? If you've got a scan tool that'll do live data, check your fuel trims, too--if they're way off, that could point to a vacuum leak, though I'd be surprised if it wasn't throwing codes and running like crap if it had enough of a vac leak that it couldn't bring the idle down.

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