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Sway bar danger ?


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I actually have bad sway bar links I believe. I feel the front lean when going around turns. And you would also get a metallic noise if you go around a turn and the front rocks from a bump or uneven road. 

I would assume you would experience a greater amount of body roll without the sway. They help stabilize the front end and connect the two wheels. 

I changed out the struts (kyb), control arm, ball joints, tie rods inner and outer, new bushings on rack. But didn’t do the links which was dumb. So I believe that symptom is coming from that. 

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I have driven with no sway bars with a 2” lift. There is more body roll, and you need to be cautious about making abrupt lane-change maneuvers and be more aware of a tendency to oversteer. You need to slow down more on freeway exit and entrance ramps. I never felt fearful of losing control while driving normally.


The enhanced front wheel travel was a huge off-road performance improvement, and entering steep driveways at an angle was also much more comfortable.


I would suggest removing the rear sway bar and drive it for a week or two to see how it feels. Then remove the front and do the same. Be sure to drive over surfaces that tend to flex the suspension.


I currently do not have a rear sway bar at all. It broke over 10 years ago. With a 6” lift and 33” tires, my Pathy drives fine. 

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Don't know with the R50, but I haven't had my front sway bar on my WD21 for many years. Didn't notice a big change but I do have stiffer springs(torsion bars). Now when my rear bar is disconnected, it gets downright spooky above 50 mph, and terrifying with a cross wind. I am running a bit of a lift and an auto locker in the rear, so the handling dynamics are a bit... different. 

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8 hours ago, Flamemaster66 said:

I had to take mine off to get my alignment right after I did my spacer lift , so as I'm driving  , I feel it swaying more and am concerned about the danger it might cause on interstate. 


The "danger" of not running sway-bars is subjective. Everyone has different comfort levels with the way a vehicle handles. If it concerns you, drive with it installed. If it doesn't concern you or you feel comfortable with the change in body roll and handling, then leave it off. I was comfortable with mine removed, driving from Utah to California without it, so I left it off.


I eventually reinstalled it because I started driving twisty paved mountain roads with rear-seat passengers more frequently than I was taking weekend off-road trips, and the exaggerated body lean started to give passengers motion sickness.


I haven't tried driving with the front swaybar removed after installing the subframe drop, so I don't know how it'll handle.

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