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Harmonic Balancer Removal


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Hello all, I'm in the middle of tearing down my VG30E and am stuck at the harmonic balancer.


Is there some way I can prevent the engine from turning while loosening the bolt?


I've tried putting it in gear and putting the spark plugs back in to try and stop it, but to no avail. I've seen that I can remove the flywheel inspection cover to stick a wedge or prybar in there to stop the engine that way, but I admit that I'm having a little trouble isolating for sure what I'm looking for. (Bear in mind that I'm inexperienced).


Any help would be great.

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A common way people have broken loose the bolt is to use a long breaker bar and have it on the bolt with the handle wedged against the frame. With the coil disconnected, bump the starter and let the starter motor do the hard work. 

I use an air wrench myself. 

If you have a manual trans, you can set the brake and/or chock the wheels. Put the trans in an upper gear like 4th and should be able to break it loose with a long handle. 


Once you get the bolt out, you will need a bolt type puller and a couple of long 6mm 1.0 thread about 80mm long  bolts to attach the puller to the pulley hub. 


I hope you have the radiator and condenser out, that gives more room but also helps prevent damage to them. 

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