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Front Brushguard/receiver/skid plate

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Since I finished my lift 2 week ago "somebody" crunched the oil pan. So I'll be more focused on down & back before forward & up.

Not exactly sure where I'll end up, no map or plan, just started by removing the tie down loops and transferring the mounting holes to pieces of steel I salvaged from a pallet jack. They hang down 2" and extend forward of the bumper cover 2".

Today I cut a 1.5" angle to span and bolt to the cross member, 6 bolts; 2 from rack guard, and 4 more larger holes that weren't being used, still need to pick up those bolts. As soon as I have all 6 bolted I'll tack the angle to the brackets. This will be the rear attaching point of the receiver tube, also the start the skid plate off the back vertical part of the angle.

No capability/ability/resources to weld aluminum, so everything will be steel from my "resource" pile.

>So question time; for skids, does anyone make "wings" to connect the sides to the frame like the factory plastic splash guard?

What thickness is recommended? I'm thinking 3/16" for the front, then thicker on the bottom.

I think I'd like to reinforce the subframe cross member with a piece of 3x1/4" that can be drilled/tapped. Where is a good source for disirable SS low profile fasteners?

I made my missing link from some 1" solid stock with 1/4" tabs, plan is to drill and tap it for the mid/rear section.

Since I'll no longer have tie downs, will a shackle in the receiver suffice?

Any advice or constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

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Many years ago, I built a skid plate for my Pathfinder. It is a brutally simple large piece of 3/16" steel. Knowing now, if I was to do it again, I would go 1/8".  

I built mine when I was working for Lifetime Products so had access to some steel working tools. We used a plasma cutter to cut out the plate (I had mocked up and figured out the shape using cardboard first) and then we were a bit impressed when the 100 ton press struggled a bit to put the long bends. I got it mounted on my truck, but it is HEAVY. I actually use a floor jack to lift and hold it in place while bolting it in. It has to come off at times for repairs on the truck and it still strikes me just how heavy it is. Upside, I worry for the rocks it hits. Gets some scratches, but no dents or bends. 


But seriously, 1/8" will give plenty of protection and be easier to work with and save a few pounds. 

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Yeah I've got a pretty extensive stock pile, even 2 or 3 different thickness SS. For bends I'm religated to score with a cut off disc, bend, weld, grind.

Weight has become a concern, my OME HD springs & SF 1" spacers didn't quite give me the lift I wanted.

It's only 2 weeks old and I'm already thinking sub frame drop!

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