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Front Lift Options 03 R50


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Hey Guys,

I'm wondering if I can get some advice on front lift options. I tried a heavy duty coil spring alternative to AC coils due to literally quite insane shipping costs ($200+ to Canada at the time)



This has put a 1.5" height difference to the rear and I'm not super happy with it. It sounds like the seals in the new struts are going so I have to upgrade those again so I want to fix this unbalanced lift once and for all. I'm leaning toward spacer options but I don't want to mess up the axles. It seems to me a sacrifice has to be made either way between top out on the struts or axle collisions with the control arm.


Do you think there's a market for used front coils appx 7k miles?

What are the limits for spacer lifts to avoid axle issues? There has to be some sort of absolute definition, no?

At what point are camber bolts required?




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I’m tuned to this thread in hoping you find your answer because I’ll find myself in the same predicament soon using this exact setup. From my forums research, looks like the smallest spacer on the market for the front is 1”. This can lead to cv axles being damaged when you top out, but a lot of members seem to be adding the front 1” spacer anyway to level out the rake with the 9447 rear springs.

I’ve read some members using a 1/2” spacer up front to level out the rake while maintaining a safer height for cv axels versus the 1” spacer, but I can’t seem to find who sells 1/2” spacers, so they might be custom made. 

I’ve also read some members even cut a coil on the 9447 to level it out, but that’s a different story. 


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I think your truck looks great man. Not too much rake at all IMO, but it’s all up to what you prefer. If it were me I’d just add some cargo to the back lol


I was actually having the opposite issue with the 9447s, they were a tiny bit too soft and my cargo heavy so I was getting a negative rake and had to bump up to the 9449s

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@PathyGig12 Thanks man! Much appreciated. I haven't gotten a lot of mentions yet but I know it still looks pretty basic without the roof rack and everything as my daily driver. Fully loaded it does balance out a bit, but yah it does kinda bug me still. Haven't tuned the headlights yet either so they point down too much. I ended up ordering 1" spacers and I have air bags that I'll try to fit in the rear again if the load gives me that negative rake. Hoping that levels it out more.


@Fonze311 Right on man. I've read in another thread that 1.5" spacers are the max but I know how much information is on here and how all set ups can be different. This is the thread I found that info on, maybe that will help you too. Like I said, I have 1" spacers from SFCreations coming and throwing those in when they arrive. I'll try to remember to throw in an update post when it's done.


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