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Bilstein 33-185552 Question


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Alright guys,

This is probably a complete noob question here but here goes.


Currently planning a lift and I’m considering getting the bilstein 33-185552 rear shocks to go with the 9447’s that are on the way. Based on Tyler’s rear shock video my post-facelift (2002) should have 12mm upper mounts, and 16mm lower mounts, and the 5552’s have 16mm top and bottom.

Question is does anyone have a good how-to on adapting the 16mm upper mounts to my pathy’s 12mm upper mounts? Pics would help as I’m having a difficult time visualizing what needs to happen. What else do I need (hardware etc) to make this work?


BTW I’ve already searched around the forum and haven’t found anything definitive but if there is a good post-facelift specific thread on this feel free to direct me to it. 

Thanks in advance. My lurking here has been extremely helpful so far...

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39 minutes ago, PathyDude17 said:

Post #38 on @Dbot ‘s build thread gives a visual. Basically just drill out the mounting holes, and find a larger bolt that fits the provided sleeve.



Tyler to the rescue again.


That post is what I needed thank you.


P.S. I’m the guy that was communicating with you in the YouTube comments a couple of weeks ago about the Dobinsons front springs. I pulled the trigger and they shipped out today...


If anyone else did it a little differently I’m open to further suggestions as well....

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Interesting.  I didn't have to do any drilling for my 02 and bilsteins.  Pretty sure theyre the same model.  The top brackets/bolts worked perfect with the shock eyelet bushing sleeve except I used a few fender washers to take up the extra space in the bracket.  I heard some people just bend the bracket inwards instead.


For the bottom mount I didn't use a sleeve.  The inner diameter of the bushing is a perfect fit on the mounting stud.

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The bilsteins can be mounted upside down to suit pre vs post facelift. Nissan swapped the upper and lower mounts over halfway through the production run. Being a monotube shock, the bilstein can be run inverted with no problems. On the pre facelift, it is advisable to run it inverted with the body at the too to avoid the pan hard bar end hitting the shock body. I ran procomp shocks, which you couldn't invert, and had that problem.

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