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1982 Toyota Pickup Build Thread


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Reddit didn't seem to care, and I don't think most Toyota Pickup forums would care either since these have been done a million times... I just want a build thread!


For reference, I was going to buy a new project car, but decided against it and want to throw a few thousand of parts and paint at my 1982. It looks like a grandpa truck now, because well, it was owned by my grandpa. I've spent the last few years waffling about any upgrades, keeping it "stock", how my grandfather had it, etc... but ultimately it's my truck til I die or it rusts to dirt, so I want to put my flair on it. Being 2WD, I thought it would be fun to throw a side draft carb, a nice header and exhaust, lower it an inch or two, and make it look a little "meaner".



Here it is now (on the right). As an aside, I'm trying to sell the wheels over at an Aspen/Volare forum if anyone wants them for some reason. 5x114.3 14". :)


I am not so precious with it now after learning the extent of the body work my grandfather had done after it was totaled. It's a salvage title, and I'd never sell it anyway, so keeping it "mint" isn't really a concern. Check this out, haha. My grandfather apparently just sat there and watched the shop repair the damage, documenting along the way:



Since it's 2WD, I'm thinking more of a "street" look, starting with some soft 8 style wheels, 1-2" lower, wider tires... and a refreshed retro-inspired paint job. Here's my current favorite, but I've been tinkering in photoshop for a few days now and might come up with something else.


Gallery of things I've been playing with: https://imgur.com/a/70zhVYR 




I think my recent binge of the BTTF trilogy inspired the roll bar. lol. Might need custom bumpers too, a bull bar would look sweet. Small one like this:



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I'm attacking this in three, asynchronous phases.

  • Wheels and Tires

for wheels and tires, looking at these with white letter BFG RATs:


15x8's with 6mm offset, should help fit some wider tires. 225/60R15 fronts, 255/60R15 rear. Stock is 195/70R14 pizza cutters.


For what it's worth, this site has been super, super helpful in @!*% checking my dreams of running 305's and making my truck look like the stuff I drew as a child. haha.



All kinds of other tools in the sidebar.


  • Other cosmetics (paint, any extra hardware)

For other cosmetics... well I'm still messing around with ideas, you see them above.


  • engine upgrades

For engine upgrades, there isn't much to do on a 22R without throwing the kitchen sink at it. I did find a few light mods that should make it breathe better and sound cooler to match the new looks. Side exhaust anyone?






The side draft carb is obviously not a great choice unless I'm drag racing, and I don't know anything about tuning cards, so I'll probably just go with a 32/36 downdraft or something, but it would look &^%*ing SICK THO. haha.


Also, LOL: https://www.lceperformance.com/category-s/20276.htm

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$1600 of parts from LCE are waiting to ship, that's when the real fun will start. For now, just swapped in a 4WD grill and installed all new marker lights since the old ones were literally falling apart.

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