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Qx4 build started

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3 hours ago, R50JR said:

Not sure if you know this, but that NPORA facebook page and this website have absolutely no relation. If you need help with uploading photos a mod will be happy to help you here. @mjotrainbrain



theres very little member overlap from the FB page to the forum.


Hosting pics can get pretty quick and easy once you find a service you like. I use Imgur. You upload photos onto an account you creat for their website, and then they have special links for all kinds of image hosting. It works best if posting into NPORA on a laptop, but I do plenty with the Imgur mobile app and NPORA’s website in safari.

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7 hours ago, mjotrainbrain said:


As @R50JR said, that page isn't associated with this forum in any way other than name and some member overlap. If you need help with pics feel free to reach out, or check out one of the how-to's posted in the pics and vids section of the forum! While the option to upload (very small) pictures to the forum exists, this feature is greatly limited intentionally to save server space. The solution for NPORA posting is to host the pictures externally and share them using the image's direct link and the post editor's built in tool to embed them.

My problem is the aggravation of doing all that from my phone. I don't have internet, therefore nor a computer at home. I don't even have tv service. I live out in the middle of nowhere, but we love it, no neighbors. I might can find the time to set up an account from work...

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Honestly, just use TapaTalk. I can post from my phone with super ease. I do think I may have paid an extra bit for that but completely worth it. I haven’t worried about photos on any of my TapaTalk forums for years.


Also, I would second the above comments regarding the FaceBook NPORA group - it’s not only not associated, it’s likely an intellectual property rights infringement on Mr. Jim’s creation. It’s a Wild West of often crazy & unsafe ideas & practices. Not only do I not refer people there, but as a matter of conscience, I give them warning.


While IG is also not technically associated, it is much more reasonable- perhaps secondary to its format.



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