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over heating

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So check this

Pulled up in front of a buddys, put it in low range, did a 2wd 1,2,3 smokey burnout.. got down the road and it was running hot.. get home and the upper hose had slid off just enough to leak.. 

Put it back on and weirdly enough it wasnt low on coolant.. let it idle in the drive way and the temp gauge just goes up to H.. Bleed the system with the bleeder on the intake manifold and its good.

switched out the temp sensor on the upper outlet .. same thing 

Been sitting in the driveway for 30minutes now and its still up on H.. thinking maybe thermostat is stuck? top hose is hot lower is kinda warm

any ideas??


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Drained it made sure everything flows.. same thing.. top hose is hot.. bottom is kinda warm.. im thinking thermostat 

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the burn out sounds like it went A-OK and good job on that one. i would say thermostat also. in my head thats the only thing that would do something like that or water pump not circulating 

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So check this out.. im wondering if a wire got pulled somewhere.. Not saying the cooling issue isnt there but its never ran hot before ever

I go out and was gonna move it up the drive way and i notice the temp gauge is up a little bit.. its 67 degrees here in central fl and it hasnt moved since last night


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So let it warm up again, bought a mechanical Bosch gauge from advance.. popped the radiator cap off, turned the ac on and let it idle for 20-30 mins and it maintained 185-190... hold it at 1500-2000 and it would drop a little from circulation.. im thinking either there is a wire issue or the temp sender is bad but i already replaced it with another one off an old motor.. ordered up a new one and we will see what happens 

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so after probing everything, burping the system multiple times, getting a mechanical temp sender, pressure testing the system, hooking my scanner to it ... come to find out its the dash gauge itself.. i punched the dash and it started working again.. took the dash apart cleaned everything up .. took the gauge out of the cluster cleaned the contacts and printed board, re tighten it all back up and it works fine

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