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Finally picked up the 98


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Here she is in all her glory.

Still really baffled with the smoking issue though. Im thinking either a valve seal is trashed or the PCV is sticking time to time. Doesn't smoke a lick and then randomly it just blows smoke everywhere for a few seconds then clears up.. did it twice on a 20mile trip home and once when testing the 4wd in the picture when i backed it down the hill.. Really weird to be honest but im gonna drain some oil, add some atf do a few laps around the block and give her a tune up. Thing runs unbelievably good and quiet. I though it stalled out at a stop sign but its just super quiet lol 

209k on the Odometer not sure about motor but it has the infinity motor in it 


Got my SF creations 2.5 strut spacer im gonna stick in and i gotta order up a rear coil spacer to match. prob gonna source parts for a SAS from my buddy. he has front and rear axle from a 02 grand Cherokee i believe and the steering box. D30 front and the aluminum D44 for the rear


Time will tell 


This thing is kinda gutless to after about 4k .. ive had a few vgs in my time and they were never an issue.. just wonder if theres something i need to really look at.. no CEL on and no stored codes

or is it just the nature of the beast with these things 










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Scored a pair of 31x11.5 swampers last night for 100 bucks .. came with some old buckshots on wheels but the buckshots were toast

Went and tested it out and she pulls pretty gooood



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strut spacer is in and sits nice and even.. Couldnt fit the 2.5 spacer in so i just put the 1.5 in not a bad choice..

All thats left for the weekend is manual hubs and a snorkel 



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