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VG30I to VG30E conversion

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Hey everyone, was hoping to get some good links to info about doing a conversion from throttle body to multipoint on my '87 pathfinder. 


I guess I should start by asking if it's worth the trouble for better gas mileage/upgradability in the future? Or is just a straight swap to a vg30e or vg33 the better choice?


I'm no stranger to working on cars, but I dont exactly have the time/skill/shop to swap an entire engine.

But I'd be happy to tear apart a top end to change headers or manifolds if it's worth the effort.

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This is a multiport swap from an Infiniti, this is a multiport swap from a Z31. Not sure why I haven't seen a thread of someone swapping in the 90+ WD21 MPFI. These might give you some idea of what you're up against, though, and what results to expect.


The easy way would be to get an MPFI donor that you could strip of its intake manifold, air filter box, wiring harness (that'll be the fun part), computer, and any other bits and pieces you end up needing as you get into it. You don't need to swap the engine itself unless the old one's whupped. There may be a small difference in the head castings on older VGs (no idea what the cutoff was on that), but I'd expect the MPFI to run just fine on a VG30I either way.

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Awesome, tons of info there, thanks so much! I'll keep a thread updated with the process as often as I can. 


Now to do some reading and see about trying to track down parts, lol

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Good luck!


One other thing, is yours auto or manual? If it's auto, that might complicate things slightly, as '87 had a three-speed and the rest had four-speeds. I don't know if the MPFI computer and harness would work with the three-speed trans computer. I also don't know that they wouldn't.

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