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Pathfinder and Xterra...


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At this time I own a. 2000 Pathfinder and a 2000 Xterra. Have merely a bit of time with the Pathfinder but have owned the Xterra for 4 plus yrs. Both have even great off road but have had more experience with the Xterra. With hope the Pathfinder will be as good an off-road warrior as my Xterra. The Pathfinder  gets better mileage but the Xterra Is a beast off-road. Who else has an a Xterra? MTG

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I would say the R50 (Pathfinder) will be better off-road stock - more flex in the rear end due to the 5 link setup.  Might be a wash depending on which has a LSD (check the diffs for the sticker) - also likely much more comfortable on the trip to and from as I would expect the VQ in a 2000 R50 vs the VG in the WD22 (Xterra). Even better if your R50 has the All Mode transfer case. 

That said the WD22 is a simpler body on frame platform, so much easier to lift compared to the rather difficult unibody R50 - so if your going to Mod it - the WD22 would likely win out in the end from sheer tire size and travel due to the lift. Lots more available parts due to the larger commonality with the W/D21 and W/D22. I had a modded to heck WD21 for a long time and it did excellent work offroad, but man - that platform is just...old. The R50 was designed ~1994 and the W/D21 was designed ~1982. WD22 is really just the same truck with new sheet metal and a cheaper rear suspension. The airbags are nice.

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I would take a VG33ER Xterra over a VQ R50 any day. You can make the suspension flex just as good with revolver shackles, and it is cheaper/simpler to lift. The VQ is a good engine but the VG is a workhorse. I'd probably still prefer an N/A VG over a VQ just from the simplicity/reliability standpoint. All the ones I've had to work on have been a pain, and the oil consumption is annoying.


At the end of the day all of these platforms are "old". Pick whatever one you like driving the best.


I own a 1995 pathfinder and a 2002 Xterra. I love them both, the X has tons of power with the supercharger and the torque comes in nice and early. It has the steep WD21 gearing so the power difference is really noticeable.

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