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CANVAZ IX 2019 - Logendale, NV - 10/25-10/27


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Details for this year's CANVAZ Xcursion event have been posted: https://www.facebook.com/events/695172567609242/


This is the 9th annual event hosted by one of the CA, NV, or AZ Xterra groups.  This year is being hosted in Logendale, NV (about an hour NE of Las Vegas), by the Rogue Overland and Silver State Nissan clubs.  Dates are 10/25-10/27 (Fri-Sun), but looks like things will start early Friday, so arrival to the area on Thurs may be recommended.  Details are lean, but that's typical this far in advance; updates will be on the FB page when known and I'll try to relay them here.


A little pictorial about the trail area: https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/nevada/one-of-the-most-overlooked-natural-areas-in-nevada-is-downright-breathtaking/


Last year's event in Anza Borrego was alright (not challenging enough), but we had a good showing of Pathfinders at an primarily-Xterra event.  The turnouts have been good, and I hear the last event in NV had a great turnout.  Additional photos can be seen on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/canvazxcursion/


I'm looking forward to this trip, but now that my kids are in school, I'm reluctant to pull them out of school for anything, short of being sick or otherwise urgent.  It'll break my boy's heart—and probably mine, too, since he's my trail buddy—if I go without him.  I'll need to see what personal rules I can bend here.


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Alright, first update has been posted, taken from FB:



We've reserved a large section of the Clark County Fairgrounds for our home base for this year's CANVAZ meet. The space is reserved for Friday - Sunday. Anyone who wishes to arrive early can free camp at the Logandale trail system and join the rest of the crew on Friday at the fairgrounds.
In case you're curious, the reason were not all camping all weekend at the trail system is that the trails are a popular camping area and it's tends to fill up rapidly when the weather cools off. The camping areas are first come, first served so there's little chance of all of us getting into the same area.

The fairgrounds are located at;
1301 Whipple Ave
Logandale, NV 89021

We will have the majority of the South Midway area near the main entrance at our disposal incl. restrooms, trash cans, water etc.. I will send out a map of the area shortly. RV hookups are avail at an adtl fee for any who would like the opportunity to bring an RV. Grounds tents can be placed on the very large lawn area. An adjacent dirt area is available for any with vehicle mounted roof top tents as parking vehicles on the lawn for anything other than loading/unloading does damage to the grass, shocker, I know. The dirt area will also be available for our evening campfires.




I sought some clarification about proximity of parking vs. tent setups on the grass and the dirt area adjacent to the grass isn't fenced off, so it'll be possible to park close to your tent (presuming it's not all filled up, hopefully).

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Well, this event has come and gone.  Almost didn't make it, but found my way there.  Long story short, I spent many sleepless nights working on a project (cargo rack v2) during the week, and it was hardly finished come time to leave.  I left my house way later than I wanted, and it was after my kids returned from school.  They were happy to see me, but bummed to not go (they wanted to but also wanted to stay home for other things over the weekend).  I was bummed not going with my little buddy, and he was pretty upset, so I almost just flipped around to head home, scrap the trip, and just get some much needed rest.


As soon as I hit the freeway—literally seconds after merging on—I realized that my R51 buddy (Vic) in my local group was right in my blind spot and working his way up to the event.  So we pulled off at the next exit and caught up, and I was convinced to head up.  I'm glad I did.  I only got one trail day in on Saturday, since we had arrived late on Friday and everyone had pretty much headed home by Sunday.  The trail day Saturday is what's below.  Unfortunately, Vic realized that one of his front CVs wasn't engaged and we couldn't get him past the 1st obstacle.  We suspect it was broken before the trail, but it left him in 3wd and unable to continue.  You can see in the 1st pic we were already coming down some big steps...for what it's worth, his truck made it back up that step in 3wd after he had to turn around!


Something I've really come to hate about my truck is the drive-by-wire + AT setup when in 4L.  I've got a few appearances in the 1st video, but you can see in each scene that it looks like my truck is lunging through obstacles.  The reality is that I'm feathering the throttle, and am slowly increasing the revs before the torque converter just grabs and goes.  You can hear the rev-ups, too.  Then the slightest pedal-off drops the truck.  You can see the spotters reacting to it, as if they think I'm gunning it.  Fact is, I'm applying gas as slowly as I can.  I totally hate it...I'll have a separate post about it, hoping to find a solution.


Anyway, enjoy.  I did an interview for a Nissan Nation Podcast, too, so I'll post that up if it comes to fruition.













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17 minutes ago, hawairish said:




I watched the rock crawling video yesterday and saw you “gun” it up the second obstacle (about minute 18),  it was interesting to see the full effect of the drive by wire system. But props for showing up the big boys, I’m sure you whooped on some of those Xterra’s. I also saw Vic’s failure on Instagram (@trailfinder_pathy), bummer. Hopefully the interview shows up too, that’s exciting!

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40 minutes ago, PathyDude17 said:

I watched the rock crawling video yesterday and saw you “gun” it up the second obstacle (about minute 18),  it was interesting to see the full effect of the drive by wire system. But props for showing up the big boys, I’m sure you whooped on some of those Xterra’s. I also saw Vic’s failure on Instagram (@trailfinder_pathy), bummer. Hopefully the interview shows up too, that’s exciting!


What I enjoy about these events is being the underdog.  I'm always the smallest truck there.  The guys in these groups have some really nice Xterras and Frontiers, sporting 4"-6" lifts, 33"-35" tires, some SAS'd.  They're not used to seeing some puny "stock" R50 in the group on 32" street tires, so usually I just keep to myself before hitting the trails.  By the end of the day, there's a lot more respect and questions about the truck, so I really appreciate that.


But yeah, honestly, I'm embarrassed to see the truck lunging like that.  It is hands-down the thing I despise more than anything on my truck.  I have no doubts about the truck making it through an obstacle, but it simply can't crawl.  Crawler gears are always on my mind, but I'm not sure it's enough improvement.

Here's a video the event two years ago with the same spotter, and it caught him off-guard there, too.  It's most notable around the 1:10 mark...



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Looks like some gnarly trails! I haven't made my way through the vids in their entirety yet, but it is disappointing to see the Pathy seem to struggle so much, I'll be really interested to see what the true culprit turns out to be. Would be cool to see a side by side comparison of auto/wire, manual/wire, auto/cable, and manual/cable to really narrow it down.

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