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For 2003 What device increases the rpm when under load?


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My car won't increase or maintain idle rpm when under load. It keeps trying to decrease rpm till it nearly dies then jumps back up just to do it again in intermittent fashion. 

If I press on the accelerator pedal just a little, it'll like snap back to normal rpm. So I'm suspecting that what ever device that is supposed to increase rpm when the car is under load, D or R or even the air conditioner is not doing it's job. Anyone know what scheme/device is used on a 2003 pathfinder LX?

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When the IACV takes out the ECU, is that only if the failure is caused by coolant leakage into the coils, and if you bypass the coolant around the valve you should be OK and just need a new valve?

Or can the valve damage the ECU even without leaking coolant causing the coil failure?

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Usually the coolant leak is what damages the IAC valve. But anything that causes the IAC to require more current than normal to operate will burn out the driver transistors for the IAC inside the ECU. One reason that occasionally cleaning the throttle body and intake is a good idea. 


The 3.3 uses a different iac system that is more primitive and doesn't have the same issues of damaging the ECU that the VQ35 had in the early years. 

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