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Anybody Ever Do A V8 Swap?


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Are these type of swaps uncommon or am I not looking with the right keywords or something? Would such a swap be too excessive in cost and function for what the Pathfinder is capable of and can already handle with the preferred VG33 swap?


Only reason I ask is because the thought popped up out of curiosity one day as I was browsing the web for different types of engines with their general info/common problems. One thing lead to another and I eventually stumbled onto some article recommending V8 engines worth swapping for off-roading (for any 4WD-capable vehicle in general mind you, not specifically geared toward the Pathfinder). It got my gears grinding a little harder and begun to peak my interest in swapping out my VG30i engine down the road eventually, but it made me ask the question of whether a V6 or a V8 would give me more opportunities to access certain trails or just let my Pathy have more utility (better towing handling, increased towing capacity).



Most topics I've pulled up both here on the forum and elsewhere on the web seem to favor the VG33 engine and variants because of it's relative ease of installation and specific component compatibility with the VG30 engine family. As for the performance difference, I'm still clueless. But I've yet to come across posts, articles, blogs, vlogs, videos etc. from people who've swapped anything higher than a V6, although that's not to say that I haven't seen some suggestions thrown around like an LS swap or something similar.


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