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I guess I'm one of you now.

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I'm interested to see what you came up with for a tablet mount. I was thinking about the same thing...there's not a ton of room if you have a front seat passenger.

I’ve used this inexpensive one. It hasn’t bothered my wife & holds an iPad well

Seat Bolt Car Mount Tablet Holder for Tablets with Anti-Vibration Goose Neck [Jarv] $25.99 at Amazon


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And just like that, I'm rolling on into the sunset with the Pathfinder.

My young BIL moved to AZ to get out of a bad housing situation and start over here, and was in need of a vehicle. Since the Pathfinder is still solid (I drive it about half the time and my F150 about half the time), I decided to put the halt on building it out and sell it to him for "cost" (basically just what I paid plus the cost of some maintenance/repairs I made on it). We'll do the timing belt in a couple of weeks, but I think my next rig will likely be a Jeep WJ. I got a bit trigger happy on the Pathfinder since it was such a steal, but after having it a while, I've decided that a WJ fits more of what I want to do with my rig.

I'll be popping in on occasion, since the BIL will want to make his own upgrades, and I'll likely be the one helping him with those.

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2 hours ago, Ole_Rosie_R50 said:

Welcome man! I like how your truck has the post face lift wheels lol (1999-2004). You should be able to find every thing you need to lift your truck on the forum! good luck brotha!

You missed it. He already sold his car :lol::lol:

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Welcome my friend. My Q is the same color as you're Pathy. Love that color. Oh and it's also a 97 brother and sister LOL

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You also missed it...he sold the car.

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