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Toyota paint color on a Pathy?!

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So I’m looking to repaint my truck around the end of September. After a quick road trip in July it’s going to be parked to I can do some body work and clean up everything to have it ready. 


I’m loving the Toyota Cavalry Blue that is on their TRD Pro vehicles (some non-TRD Tacomas) and want to go that route. 


How blasphemes is this? Lol 


*I love my truck and although the silver has grown on me, it’s not what I like*

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Another cool color (IMO), is the bright red that came on the R50/3rd gen Pathifnder/4runner. I love the new tundra voodoo blue, but as far as what blue pathy’s look like, you have @Enjoi408

As an example. Also Rick13 was another well built blue pathy. I’m personally not a fan of any of the blues for R50’s but I’m more than willing to see it done and be proven wrong, as blue is otherwise one of my favorite colors. A yellow pathy would sure be something as well, but I’ve only seen it on a WD21 thus far.

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Its your truck, who cares.  I used Mopar 'Panther Pink' and generic appliance white on WhiteOwl (and used White Out as touch up).  Heck, I painted my S10 with house paint...

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Awesome feedback guys! 


Pretty much stuck on a blue. It’s my favorite color and I had a Fiji Blue Pearl 2008 Civic Si years back. Loved that color. 


Forgot to mention that I will be doing all the body work and paint myself. I work at a body shop and Toyota is right across the street so I see the Cavalry Blue everyday. Haven’t gotten sick of it yet, lol. As much as I do also like the new Voodoo Blue, I believe it has metallic in it (now I’m going to have to double check at work) and that drives the price of paint up. So Cavalry Blue is a solid color. 

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Not at all blasphemous!

About to do the same for mine.
Look forward to seeing yours in the Calvary Blue if you go that route.
Should have mine repainted by July. Not in Calvary blue though, so don't worry!

Sent from my SM-J327P using Tapatalk

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