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Rear brake upgrade on an Australian WD21 Pathy


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Hello everyone, 

I am new to this site, but I have done plenty of project work on nissans over the years, most notably restoring an e23 urvan and replacing & upgrading the tired z20 engine with a rebuilt Z24, which involved a lot of open heart surgery & plastic surgery. So I am really an expert on restoring, rebuilding & improving nissan bodies, equipment, components & Z24 engines in Queensland, Australia, rather than in pathfinders per se.


However, I have turned my attention to refurbishing a 1990 pathfinder DX (a basic pathfinder level with a twin spark Z24S), which I am planning to lightly power up in various ways: I'll post as things progress.


I am hoping that I can tap into your collective knowledge in the coming months & years as the project develops, because my knowledge in the specifics of Pathfinders is limited...And nothing beats experience!


To kick things off - and noting that different countries called the same model different things and there have been a few posts around the international web converting things between the various generations of pathys - I was wondering if there was a simple bolt on / exchange to convert the existing rear drums to discs?


Glad to hear any suggestions and figure out conversions if needed - ije. 

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WD21 Terrano have a disc/caliper setup on the rear....they're not too hard to find in Australia, but not as common as WD21 Pathfinders...Terranos are imported from Japan and have TD27s
I'm not sure what else you'd need to pinch off the Terrano to make it work, obviously the calipers, rotors, master cylinder, lines, maybe the wheel hubs but I don't think you'd need to change the entire rear end
The handbrake cables might be different also.

I have some brand new Z24 parts in storage here from an abandoned Pathfinder build, if you're keen, send me a message.

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