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Almost solved


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Hi there,


We've got a strange little problem. All help from you guys would be welcome cause we can't figure it out...


The vehicle is a 2001 3500 V6 Pathfinder le with about 330 000 miles on it. Engine has about 200 000 miles.


We just had to change the valve cover gaskets + coil gaskets because we were having a misfire due to oil around the spark plug.


We changed all the manifold gaskets, new coil over boots, new grommets


Now after installing all the parts we started the engine but it wasn't running good and stalled out. We checked the fault codes and this it what came up.


After clearing the codes the engine started perfectly. We drove for 20 minutes and everything was fine.


10 minutes later I wanted to drive away and 100 meter further the engine died out on me without any symptoms.


We can easily crank the engine but the engine doesn't make rumbling sounds. So it seemed like a gas problem. We sprayed some start spray in the intake and voila it started and drove perfectly.


I drove back to the shop and there it stalled again. Only getting it running again with start spray in inlet manifold.


We checked fuel pressure and that seems to be around 40 ( no idea about the unit...can check later on). Guys said this was good.


We checked all the fuses and they all seem to be good.


I have the feeling this is something small and electrical but have no idea where to look next.


When we check the engine faults nothing is showing up. That's strange no ? Cause it died out about 3 times already...


The engine faults attached are from before. When we were testing the fuel pump. I think that's the reason for the fuel temp and fuel level sensor fault. Cause after clearing and driving they were all gone...


We allready changed MAF sensor and it didn't make a difference.


Spark plugs are good, coils are good...


We didn't check the injectors can this be the problem? But how come they work fine when the engine starts?


Anybody any idea where to look next?


Here some pictures from the parts we changed, the oily coil's I had and the last faults I had before clearing them...




Thanks allready!





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We changed the fuel filter and measured the pressure behind the filter. It do was a little clogged. You could feel some pressure blowing it and the fuel coming out was a little bit black. So that might be something... But why did it start and ran perfectly later on? We are now taking of the inlet manifold again to have a look at the injectors. Will update if we find something...


Thanks for the response though!


*Edit, we changed the fuel filter at the back of the car just behind the fuel pump in the tank. Maybe there is a second fuel filter somewhere I don't know about?

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Start by checking all vacuum lines and sensors tommake sure they’re Hooked up correctly and nothings broken. Check the intake boot for cracks too. Mine cracked when I removed it

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That's a good point, my intake boot was cracked in several places under the clamp that you couldn't see when I took it off to clean intake. Had to be sucking air.

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Hi there,


Thanks again for the responses!


So what did we do...


Took out all the spark plugs and injectors and cleaned them.


Checked all the hoses and connectors again but nothing seemed wrong.


After putting everything back together everything worked fine and he started perfectly.


After 2 hours of driving the "service light" popped on. 


Did a scan and it's fault code p0505

Power train idle control system. That's the only one.

Will search the forum if I can find some more information about that code.


But this can indeed hang together with a crack somewhere. Extra air makes it extra hard to control the idle...


Starts to make some sense... Now just have search for the crack!


Thanks again!

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Common problem with the early VQ35. The idle air control valve will go bad and it tends to damage the drivers in the ECU when it happens. If you are lucky, you may get away with just a new IAC valve. I have had to replace a couple ECU's in the early 3.5L Pathys  because the IAC drivers got fried by the failed valve.


Sorry, just looked at your pictures and noticed the codes that were in there before. I believe from what I saw there, that you have corroded wires/connector at your fuel pump module. It has been a couple months since I left the Nissan dealership I was at and don't recall exactly, but I think there was TSB for problems with fuel pump module. I think you are having an intermittent failure due to temp/vibration that will cause the pump to stop running.


take a close look at the IAC valve and make sure there is no damage or signs of coolant leak. If it is iffy at all, replace it before it kills the drivers in the ECU. Those are getting rare and expensive.

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Thank you everyone for the comments.


Will look into the IAC valve.


Been driving now for 300 km's and only had pop on the service engine light twice with the p0505 fault. I reset it each time and stays away for like 100 km's. And only pops on when the engine is idling at a red light or something. But idling is good btw. Sometimes little low around 500 rpm but engine runs smooth and doesn't stall...


I'll do some research about the IAC valve and start looking for one if needed. Hopefully I can get one here in Mexico...


Thanks again.




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