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PathyDude's R50 Projects (03 SE 4x4)

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10 hours ago, onespiritbrain said:

production on that video was on point. i hope your channel keeps growing!

Thank you so much! I have been putting more effort into production lately! 

It has been growing, it’s been a lot of fun!

3 hours ago, 03TroutFinder said:

I subbed!

Sent from my SM-A215U using Tapatalk

you the man! Thanks

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great video dude, looked like a lot of fun. 
I've said it before and I'll say it again, any new R50 owners gotta check out Tyler's youtube channel, the videos he has on all the details you need for the lift provide a TON of good info. Recent and up to date content, informative, and specifics. I spent a while digging through them when I first started working on my rig and it was an invaluable resource. The forum also has a ton of info, but the videos are straightforward and lay it all out in an easy to understand way. Suspension stuff is expensive and a little intimidating to do for the first time, and the videos gave me a lot of confidence in my purchases and my install! 


Keep up the videos dude, the work you put in is showing! Looking forward to whatever is your next project on the rig so I can steal some ideas hahahahaha ;) 

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Little trip recap: went camping with @micahfelker and a pretty nice taco. About a 180 mile round trip, with some extra miles put on in order to link up with Micah. Had to use my 3 gallon spare fuel to make it (211 miles total). Super cool canyon with a hot springs nestled along the river. Day and a half of just hanging out in the area and a total of two nights camping. The only tricky part was the road out of the canyon- going up it in the snow, I was happy to have the lokka + LSD combo. A little left foot brake kept all 4 tires in traction and made for a safe ascent. 


heres the video for those interested: 


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