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Leak Under Gear shift area/ driver side of Transmission


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In my 02 Pathy: I noticed this as a slight wetness some months back when I didn't have the right tools, and then snow came. The past few weeks, I'm needing to refill the Master Cylinder about every week, so I wonder if it's related. 


Area is located under the gear shift and whatever it is, it's bolted to the side of the transmission. I am sorry I couldn't get better pictures of the area. There's like a rubber sleeve over it. The area is definitely increased in greasiness since last I had looked. Thank you in advance. 





Repair manual area narrowed down: https://photos.app.goo.gl/3Gi6oeGhgzzSuqRK9


Sorry for the links, I can't seem to get the images to be inserted properly. 

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Have someone press the brakes and watch the side of the master cylinder where the fittings go in. There's a little hole between two of the ports that's not plugged with anything (assuming it's a factory master). If the master's whupped, it'll puke a little fluid out of that hole. This ended up being the cause of brake fluid loss on my '95, and it was leaking on my '93 too, though not as badly.


I can't quite tell what I'm looking at. Is that the shift linkage for the transfer? Seems light an odd place for brake fluid to end up.

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I know it's not easy to figure out what it is. There's framing in the way, making it harder to get a proper picture. I appreciate the info on the Master Cylinder. I will not be able to try that for a few days. Does that rule apply to all Pathy's? You mentioned your 93 & 95 and this issue is on my 02. The Master Cylinder does not look wet anywhere on the outside though. I will have another look when I can. 


In the first picture, you see it's bolted on either side and then it has that bar coming from it. The second pic is one of the bolts and the center area between the two bolts in the first picture. 


Thanks for chiming in. Even a guess helps with the stress. 

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Skimmed right over the part about it being an '02, sorry. Yeah, I think they ditched that design of master cylinder long before '02. Might be worth having someone else pump the brake while you check around the truck to see where brake fluid appears. I'm not seeing brake lines or hardware adjacent to the wet spot, but a pinhole in a line could be squirting it, or a leak could be following a wiring harness or cable or something from somewhere else. It's also entirely possible that the leak there is unrelated, so if you don't see anything dripping there, check around the rest of the brake system for anything obviously losing fluid.

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I appreciate you getting back to me.  I believe the leak in the pic is unrelated. During warmer weather, more like summer weather, the clutch tends to stick. Having finally found this https://photos.app.goo.gl/VraBvWvFQdnB5upE6 I am I am wondering if there is an O-ring or a rubber washer that may need replacing which is why there is the wetness as seen in the original posting???

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