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Intake Manifold Bolts Screw up...


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Hello! I'm a new member here and let me introduce myself before I ask for my plea of help.

Few weeks ago, my mom asked me if I could do some repairs to her 99.5 Pathfinder, I said yes like any good son would do. I only took the job because I was very intrigued about Nissan's VG. Personally I have a lot of experience with Toyota's 5VZ and I was like "How hard can it be, THIS FINNA BE A BREEZE." (big mistake). So first thing I took care of was the fuel filter, it was kinda tricky to deal with but I got it done. So I moved to the front and got ready for the main meal, the replacement of the Knock sensor and all the gaskets in between and the valve cover gaskets of course. So it was going pretty swell until I was about to take off the last bolt of the intake manifold. And mind you, this is the one in the very back against the firewall, I go in to loosen it and after one decent turn the head strips... It's been a few days since this tragic event has occurred, i've tried everything from rubber bands to speed outs. If you guys have an ideas please help me out.

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Always has to be the hard one to get to, doesn't it?


The only thing I've managed to do with a normal easy-out is snap it off inside the fastener. I've seen sockets that are cut like an inverted easy-out, if that makes sense. Might give that a go if there's room for it. Given that the fastener's borked anyway, you could try slotting its head (if you can get a hacksaw back there) so you can get a straight screwdriver on it and try to work it loose that way. If you can get a drill to it, you could just drill out the head like a rivet, freeing the manifold, and then extract the stud with vise grips (or weld a nut to it if you have a welder). You could probably cut the head off with a hacksaw blade or grinding it down to nothing with a file if it came to that. Hopefully it doesn't come to that!

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Like Slartibartfast said, my go-to in a sticky situation like that would be to weld a nut to it, but if that isn't an option, or you don't know too much about how, it'd be better not to get a welder in there.

When I rebuilt my VQ, I was close to pulling off the heads, and I just had one last nut on the back of the engine to remove (to the infamous cooling rails that run to the heads). Of course, the final nut stripped enough that a regular wrench wouldn't get on it, and it was such an awkward area to get to that I couldn't get vice grips or anything more brutal back there. Even a welder wouldn't fit. I got lucky, though. I had a friend make a run to the auto parts store and get a set of those Grip-Tite wrenches, as the sockets had worked really well for me in the past. I decided to bet my money on it working, and thankfully they did the trick. If there's anything left of the bolt/nut head, I would definitely try out the Grip-Tite wrenches or sockets, whichever will fit, as they worked a lot better than I thought they would.

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