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Suspension Lift

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I've currently got a body lift and am also looking at a suspension lift for the spring.  Tossup between the Calmini and tha 4x4parts. Don't know if I can justify the extra money for the Calmini.  

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Looks good! :aok:



Just adding the following context for other members...


People have reported in the past that Calmini UCA's has had, iirc, premature bushing wear issues and AC UCA's have given many alignment problems. Neither of these are across the board,but the numbers were high enough to be a consideration.


My personal recommendation, and what I run, is SuperLift/Rough Country D21 UCA's. Superlift manufactures them and the difference is only in the coating, nickel on SL & a rough textured powder coat on RC. The only complaint about them that I can recall was a bad production run that left their inner mounts out of alignment. Once the issue had been identified, it was corrected and affected units were replaced with just a call. I originally bought RC branded arms, and SL quickly replaced them with SL versions. This issue is documented here on the forum.


If they are still available, assuming they still make and sell in the same way, they come as a package lift for 4x4 Hardbody's (with rear blocks) only and are not available for a Pathfinder. However, they are equally compatible with all WD21 pathfinders as they use the same front suspension as the 4WD HB's


The way to get just the arms years ago was to call RC and request just the arms (with bushing/accessories) and to not tell them that they were for a WD21.


Some have said that they don't do this anymore, while I believe some have got them. So I can't say if you can still get a set or not. But I can say that how you spoke to them, perhaps even who you spoke to, back when many people were buying them directly from Rough Country, effected your success.



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If the Calmini comes off Sas is going in. It's just a around town kinda thing. Definitely not a daily driver lol. I've read that ac UCA doesn't correct ball joint angles but Calmini does. Not alot of people have cal arms due to ****** customer service. 

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Has the issue with the RC/SL UCA inner mount alignment indeed been addressed?  I just installed a set last month that are way off: visibly skewed from one sleeve to the other, and also too wide... lots of preload going on installation caused by drawing the bushings together with the spindle nuts.  The kit was assembled in April of this year according to the packaging inspection (which missed that they included one wrong bushing).  I was willing to accept the poor quality arms for awhile because nothing else was readily available, but my alignment has way too much positive camber.  I’m planning to fab my own set at some point because it seems like none of the buyable options are viable.

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