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RMS leaking, AT. should i do anything else while trans pulled?


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Damn this newly acquired 1995 pathy with AT.


I put in a bypass cooler 2 weeks ago,
Speedo head just replaced
alternator went 3 days ago
Now have discovered a RMS leak.  Definitely leaking between brass gasket and bell housing with no signs of leaks above it.   Noticed  a week after i had an oil change done.  It seems to be getting worse as the days pass.  pathy has been parked for 3 days and still getting about 5 drips every 24 hrs.
likely going in soon to have it done,   should i have anything else done while tranny pulled besides tranny seal?  was contemplating torque converter??


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thanks adamzan.


still not convinced it is the rms.  the pathy sat for 4 days and i noticed oil at  3 o''clock zone on the bell housing, again seems to be between the brass gasket and bell housing.  it seems odd that it is not weeping out the weep hole but is weeping at 3 oclock.   ??? perplexed.  i have rubbed my finger under the oil sending unit,  not wet.  checked around the oil filter,  seems ok,  no oil coming down back of pan??  tempted to try that black light additive to be precise.  hate to pull that trans to find out it is not the problem



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On 12/1/2018 at 5:14 AM, Slartibartfast said:

I've heard of oil leaking from valve cover gaskets dripping down the back and looking like it's the rear main. Probably worth doing anyway if you haven't yet.

Mine was doing that for a while then I snugged down the screws for the valve cover.... no more "RMS" leak... which was really a leaking valve cover gasket seal between the two banks at the back next to the firewall... WaaaAAAAaaaayyyyy cheap fix!!

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