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Spacer lift with potential cv problems


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Hello all, pretty new to the forum and was wondering if anyone could Offer some advice to my current situation. I got a pathfinder recently and have been roaming this forum a ton concerning all the lift kit info you guys have already discussed. That’s been incredibly useful. Given my budget, I ended up purchasing the 2.5”-3” spacer lift offered by sfcreations. It’s a great product, and I had my local shop install it. That being said, I’ve currently run into an issue. On my driver side, I have a cv boot that is leaking considerably. I occasionally hear clicking on sharp turns or full throttle, but nothing terribly concerning or frequent. But, I discovered yesterday that the coil spring on my driver side is unseated from it’s bottom mount- some of it is on the plate, but it hangs out over the fitting in some spots. Is that enough to explain the busted cv boot? The passenger side has held up fine so far.

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