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New springs for 1.5 inch lift?


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I need help to find the stock spring height for the rear of a 2000 pathfinder se.i want to go atleast 1 inch higher than stock.im not trying to go higher than that.i only mainly want it for a bit better towing , suspension,and asthetics with stock rims and tires. I just redid my front suspension so I’ll probably just use a 1 inch spacer for the front but i greatly need new springs for the rear aswell as shock absorbers because with my friend weighing at 250lbs and siting in my trunk the the rear tires are touching the wheel wells and even going over bumps while off-roading too so im constantly bottoming out and hitting the bumps stop in the rear which is the only thing saving my frame from cracking

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The OMEs are probably the best ride quality but unfortunately only come in medium duty for the rear (heavy duty available for the front) & are expensive. The LR Defender springs for the rear are getting great reviews - ride quality sounds on par with the OME but less expensive & with higher spring rates if desired. AC is reliably 2” but pretty harsh by all reports. As an FYI, the LR Springs from LR direct are about $80-85 total (& $50 of that is shipping) from LR direct. I ordered mine Friday & they were on my doorstep in Seattle on Monday.


Here is the LR info summarized to date:

Land Rover Defender 90 Spring Summary


5” Inner Diameter


NRC9446 +2.5-3” (15Spring Ht) 0.5-1" rake c 2 front spacers

175# Spring Rate

LR 90 Defender-Front Driver

(0.5" longer than passenger)


NRC9447 +2-2.5" (Micah got 4")

175# Spring Rate

LR 90 Defender-Front Passenger


NRC9448 +4(Perfect c 4"SFD), cut one coil=3"

225# Spring Rate Blue”/Red

LR 90 Defender-RearRH

110 & 130 Heavy Duty-Front RH

$80 Delivered from UK

$84.49($32.92+$51.57) from


NRC9449 +2-2.5" (same Height as NRC9447)

225# Spring Rate (heavier Load than NRC9447)



9446: neilca(35"F/36"R c 31"tireMid Fender Ht)


9447: 19pathfinder99, MichaelAndrews,

micahfelker(37-37.5" c 31"tire, MD OME Springs, F=HD OME),

thehillboys (Bilstein 1525 shocks)

LR - 34 1/4" to 38 1/2" settled to 37.5" net 3 1/4"

RR-33 3/4" to 38" settled to 37.5" net 3 3/4"

Front 35” c Moog OEM Springs, KYB Struts & 1 1/2" spacer

LF - 32 1/2" to 35 net 2 1/2" (slightly uneven shop floor)

LR- 32" to 35 net 3"

Rake 2.5”


9448: hawairish(3”SFD), TowndawgR50(4”SFD), Bax03SE(37"F/38"R c 33"tire Mid Fender Ht-1 coil cut), drewp29, Jax99(3”SFD)


9449: 03Troutfinder (36.5" from 34", same ht as OEM Spring+2”spacer)


Order from LRdirect

Brands-few reviews on LR forums say Brit Part (c8) springs held up better than OEM Land Rover against sagging



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