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Long Travel Suspension Under An R50

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1 hour ago, mjotrainbrain said:

Nothing commercially available, and I don't think I've ever seen it done before.  Definitely going to need to be custom unfortunately.

I've seen something similar but for a SAS project nicknamed "pepsi" http://www.thenissanpath.com/viewtopic.php?t=9349 but I will see about making or having something made for our trucks to keep most of it stock and just bolt in.

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All custom.  Pepsi had a lot of things done.  For the work required to make a long-travel IFS, it'd probably be more cost effective to just SAS it...


But...here's how I'd do it:

1) Use a 1st Gen Frontier/X CV shaft...I think it's the same flange bolt pattern, same spline count, and about 1" longer.

2) Custom LCA.  Rear bushing mount would be replaced by one that allows for a bolt-through bushing or other joint (not that pin/tail style ours has).  Move the spindle out 1" or more (CV + flange spacer)

3) Custom shock and UCA hanger/bracket that bolts between strut tower and both subframe points.  May require cutting into wheel well above unibody primary support tube (no clue what they call it) to recess the UCA mounts.

4) Stock or aftermarket UCAs from a Frontier/X or Tacoma, possibly even W/D21.  Former trucks have a lot of options; latter trucks have the UCA crosspin that might simplify mounting UCAs.  Otherwise, custom UCA

5) If using Nissan parts, I'd probably just bring the spindle over from the truck.  Will still be able to use manual hubs.  There are some similarities for steering parts.  Otherwise, custom adapter for the strut knuckle to use a uniball or Johnny joint instead of a balljoint.


Obviously, lots of variability depending on budget and course of action, though this is more or less converting the strut to double-wishbone suspension.  It doesn't afford a whole lot of additional travel, but better than OE.  Definitely not for any high-speed action if using many OE parts.  Here's where I say something like, "Man, Nissan sure made the Pathfinder a bastard," knowing that all those 2nd Gen Frontier/X guys basically have a kit just by swapping over some parts from a Titan.  We share nothing with the other Nissans...hence, all custom.

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