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Fluids - Limited Slip, Transfer Case & Front Differential


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I’m about to do a fluid change on everything & noticed I couldn’t find recommendations on NPORA. I’ve heard of using Amsoil, Valvoline, Royal Purple, Red Line, Motul, Castrol & Mobil One. I’ve also heard of friction additives necessary with some. I thought a discussion of people’s preferences, schedules & pearls of wisdom might be a lively exchange! Oh yeah, volumes too.

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I thought there was a sticky about fluids for the wd21. Should be similar for your rig. Maybe it didn't make it in the forum transfer? 


Afaik, the only box that was particular about fluids was the wd21 manual transmission. Otherwise, if the rear end is limited slip, then make sure the gear lube has limited slip additive or you can add some if it doesn't come with it. 


I wouldn't get hung up on brands. Look at owners manual for viscosity recommendations and get whatever is readily available. 

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This is the thread for WD21s.

I'm running 5W30 in my engine (Valvoline high-mileage synthetic blend, mostly because it was cheap), generic parts store dex/merc in the auto trans and the transfer case, and I still need to get around to changing the fluid in the diffs.

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Here is the info from the FSM. Personally, I would like to use a synthetic blend where possible. Surprisingly, I can't find an 80W-90 Limited Slip Gear Oil though Valvoline has a Semi-Synthetic brand. Given I'd like to never change it again, I would really like to use synthetic for the diffs and transfer case.


I'm also interested regarding greasing the propeller shaft. My 2002 LE Maintenance manual says you never grease the propeller shaft but the FSM appears to say differently.


Transfer  Case


3 1/8Qt / 3L




Oil capacity:

Front 1.85L (3-7/8 US pt, 3-1/4 Imp pt)

Rear 2.8L (5-7/8 US pt, 4-7/8 Imp pt)


Power Steering

Genuine Nissan PSF II or equivalent (Dexron III/Mercon)





Propeller Shaft

NLGI No. 2 (Lithium Soap Base)




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I've read that the clutches in the limited slip don't grab properly with synthetic lube. I have no way to confirm this, but will probably use conventional oil when I get around to it.

Okay, good to know. I somehow ended up on a couple GTR forums. Incredible amount of detail & experience there but then they’re running Supercars so I’m not so sure that info translates to an R50
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The only 80w-90 I found with limited slip additive was the Valvoline semi synthetic. You can always get additive and add it to any gear oil you want. Nissan may even sell bottles of the additive, I know Ford does. 

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