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Code 32 - EGR Function


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95 vg30e M/T 4x4

Installed the pacesetter headers - with fabbed mid-pipe (w/ O2 bung hole) and high-flow CAT.

Installed the O2 sensor (Bosch) and get Code 32 CEL. The EGR seems to be functioning properly. wondering how the O2 sensor and EGR are related in this case.

I've cleaned out the EGR tube on my old engine, and will probably jump in there this weekend and clean out the gunk in this one.


Any ideas what the correlation might be? First time I've had a Code 32 - they are definitely related - Code goes out when I pull the O2 sensor.

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Just making sure, you hooked up the EGR tube to the new headers. It sounds like you did but it isn't clear. I don't think your O2 sensor would make a difference in EGR function. Unless it is now too close to the Heads and it is picking up a false reading. Which I am not sure is even possible. It is all the same air no matter where you pick it up. 

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Yep - Had to bend the tube (heating) to get it to fit. Connection is tight.


Tested the EGR - diaphram function normal..all vacuum lines good and connected.


When I disconnected the O2 sensor - no CEL. Somehow they are related - just no quite sure how.




The car runs fine - with or without the O2 sensor. I think there should be some benefits for having one - for proper air/fuel.

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Maybe check the EGR vacuum switch and there is a small almost oval shaped plate as I recall just behind the EGR that may need to be cleaned out. It has a tube attached to it that extends into the upper intake plenum and may not allow the EGR to function properly. It will run just fine, have no drivability issues, but, won’t pass an emissions test at all.

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Thanks Manik - I'll clean that out this weekend and see what CEL's I get afterward.

It just seems a bit odd that I get a EGR code when installing a new O2 sensor.


Anyone out there experience something similar?

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