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Steering Wheel Shake After Balancing


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Vehicle: 2003 Nissan Pathfinder SE 3.5L V6


Okay, so I'm newish here, but I've been reading the forums for a while. Over the past year there have been a few problems with my front end so in the last month I've changed out my entire front end suspension. I've changed the wheel bearings, the inner and outer tie rods, the coil springs (the struts were less than a year old), the sway bar end links, the sway bar bushings, both control arms, both ball joints, both CV Joints, the transmission mount, and then I went to a shop and had the tires balanced and wheels aligned. I had all four tires replaced about 6 months ago and I regularly change every fluid in the vehicle and torque everything to specs.


AND after doing all of that, my steering wheel still vibrates when I'm driving. Also when I go over even the smallest bump I still hear a hollow clunking noise that sounds like the strut tower is tapping the inside of the fender.


My engine vibrates loudly while idling too so I'm looking at the engine mounts, but I didn't know if that could cause the clunking noise or the wheel shaking. I read something about the strut bushings causing that noise, but once again I am not sure if that would cause it. Any and all advice is appreciated! Also sorry if this is posted in the wrong place!

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A couple of questions for you:


1) Does the engine vibrate badly at idle, both when it's in gear and when it's in neutral?


2) how long have you had the vibration in your steering wheel? Was it before all the front-end work too? Or just since all that work was done?


3) what wheels (rims) do you have?



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The engine only vibrates when in drive. When I'm sitting at a light with my foot on the brake, the whole car seems to vibrate and a clunky vibrating noise comes from the front of the car. But it stops as soon as I let off the brake.


The vibration in the steering wheel has been there before I did all of my front end work.


And the rims are stock. The tires are about the same size too.

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