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CANVAZ 2017 - Kingman, AZ - 10/13-10/15


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Open invite to a CA, NV, and AZ Nissan group run October 13th (Fri) through 15th (Sun) in Kingman, AZ.


I've not attended a CANVAZ event before, but it's an annual event that rotates between locations between the three states. It's primarily an Xterra gathering, but there are a few Frontier owners...and a heavily modified R51...that tend to represent. Would be nice to get more Pathfinders into the mix. Event isn't limited to CA, NV, or AZ owners either, of course.


I'll be attending this year's event, which is being hosted by the AZ Xterra Club (www.azxterraclub.com, aka "Arizona All Nissan Club"), which is the local Nissan group I run with. They're good folk, and a few are actually friends and neighbors of mine.


They're still working out the exact camp location and trails at this time, but the dates appear firm.


Let me know if interested and I'll see what details I can provide. A few links:




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You should join the Copper State Nissan/Toyota Enthusiasts FB group and AZXC groups. They do several runs and other events throughout the year. This one in particular is one of their larger events. The SWANKy group (nissan4wheelers.com) in town is also well known for their annual AZ Run (which was last week, actually).

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