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2002 A/T


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hello experts, I start facing problem with my pathfinder 2002 Automatic transmission, after driving the car and reaching operating temperature, when I stop at traffic light and switch from D to N or P, and return back to D, the gear is not responding till I hit the pedal, I checked the transmission fluid level and color nothing I did not note anything unusual, while driving nothing is wrong the response is good and the kick down response is fast. What could be the problem?

Note I start facing this problem when the weather start getting worm.

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You may have a braking system issue: a caliper or brake shoe that is dragging enough that when stopped, is enough to make the vehicle not want to roll under the minimum torque being applied by the tranny. Jack it up, put it in neutral and see if any of the wheels are binding.


With heat, things will expand and it may be just enough to cause the normally"free wheeling" parts to start binding. After a drive with some average braking, pull over and see (feel) the rims for any unusual increase of temperature, especially the rears.

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