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VG30 or VG30E direct replacement


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Hey guys Im thinking of replacing my VG30 motor on my 93 pathy and keeping that motor to use on my 92 hardbody later on


My question is , where can I get a replacement motor thatll drop right in with no major alterations? Should I get a VG30 or VG30E?


Budget wise, Is it more economical to get a used motor or have the one I have rebuilt?


The pathy ran great 5 years ago but it was never driven since and I think a few years back I started it and it just blows white cloud of smoke in the exhaust like after seafoaming it. Should I just empty my tank of old gas put in a fresh gas and let it run? Replace the gas filter also and probably new oil on the motor ?


I dont have much time like I used to to mess with it anymore. I figured instead of buying a second gen xterra just spend the money on a nice motor for my 92 pathy which is by the way in superb condition as far as the entire pathy goes. No rust and the interior was gutted and carpeting and all seats were power washed ( what a fun summer that was), still has all the mods I did many years ago like thorley headers , bigger alt , efan, oil relo kit , k&n filter , 3inch body and suspension lift , hid headlights



Any help and suggestions is greatly appreciated


Thanks guys

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Thanks bud. Did some checking and found one nearby

This supposedly came direct from Japan with low mileage Its for 1996 - 2004 Nissan Pathfinder Frontier Xterra 3.3L JDM Used Engine Imported From Japan With Low Miles






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check and see if the oil filter is angled forward, if the alt is on the passenger side its probably just a 3.3 unless the japanese engines are different,

I used the accs from a 2000 exterra alt was on drivers side filter angled forward an ps was on the pass side, onl prob was th A/C

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That is a pretty penny for that motor, but you should be able to sell some of the parts you can't use in the swap to even it out.


I have no idea if you are still looking, but I have a VG30E out of a '91 to sell.



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This is a good article on using a VG33E block with your VG30 heads.

Red at Accurate Machine shop here in Vegas http://www.lvmachineshop.com says he can easily get around 300hp out of a stock VG30. Pre 96/OBDII dont have all the crazy emission crap you get with an 98 Xterra or 96 Pathy (I have a craigslist addiction and own a WD21, WD22 and R50!)

I just replaced the motor in my sons WD22 Xterra with a 53k mi JDM in March- I had to strip off the alternator, AC comp & brackets, oil filter adapter, and oil pan and plenum. I also replaced the rear main, timing belt, water pump and thermostat. Its basically a long block that you have to take all the crap off of to use for whatever vehicle you intend. Its a good little motor that was used on Pathys, Xterras, Quest's, and Mercury Voyagers. I plan on taking the old block and heads to Red and have him see what he can do with it.

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