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Tahuya Run 3/25/2017


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Saturday the 25th will be my clubs run to Tahuya. All are welcome. Havent been but I hear its full size friendly, has a decent hill climb and is close to sea level so there wont be snow. Meeting in Belfair that morning.

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I think I'd like to join you with my friend Joe in his built Wrangler. I want to take my 78 F250 this time so I can play a bit with it.

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This is a family oriented 4x4 club run.


Main things the club stresses are


-Dont bring a problem to the trail. If you know about mechanical issues and don't fix them prior to an event they ask you not join the group.

-Come with your own recovery gear,tools, spare parts and extra fuel

-Licensed and insurance up to date

-CB radio capable, We're usually on channel 23

-Bring food and water

-Follow good wheeling behavior and stick to the trails


Ive never been to Tahuya but I hear its pretty tame with a few challenging obstacles if you choose to attempt them but there are go arounds. Shouldnt be any snow but there will be water, mud and slick rock.


I believe we're meeting at the QFC in Belfair at 9am.

Be fueled up and ready to go.

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Once again, I will not be making it. I am still putting together my kit. Just ordered a cb setup the other day, should arrive on Monday.

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Haha, I hear you. I dont have a problem with the rain, just makes for a slick and winching filled day. Didnt quite have the energy for that. Thankfully it was gorgeous. Weather was partly cloudy and rained towards the end of the day. Perfect weather.


Overall, Tahuya was rad. Its got something for everyone and go-arounds for any difficult stuff. My rig was about as large of a vehicle I would take through there. It gets really tight in some spots. No tree carnage but I got a bit of damage from a purely optional rock crossing. Sliders are on the list....


This got deep fast. We attempted a depth check prior to entry but didnt have sticks long enough to check the middle section. Damn buggies with 40"+ tires tore this place up and make it really difficult in some areas...








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