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Rolling P0021, P0011, and P0171


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New to me 2003 SE 4x4 140K miles.




I got this pathfinder about two monthes ago. I have been driving it daily but recntly I have been having issues. The biggest issues were P0021 and P0011 were turning on my check engine light and killing my power. This all happened near the end of life on an oil change. Today I changed the oil and rest the codes and they seem to be gone. I have driven almost 20 miles and no codes are showing. I replaced the Mass air flow sensor (MAF) this week as well. Since doing all that MY check engine light is off and it seems to be driving great but when I plug in my scan gauge to check for codes It still has P0171 PENDING. What is the code for? I am currentl pulling the battery to reset the ECM and tightening the MAF.


Side note: I have been running 100% gasoline zero ethoenol 87 octane since owning it. Is that relevant and would I benifit running 93 octane 10% ethenol gas?


Thanks for the help.

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PO171 I believe is the code for a lean condition. Since you already replaced the MAF, the next thing would be to look for vacuum leaks downstream of the MAF.


Ethanol is the devil.

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