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Unloading my 2 Pathfinders


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Hi All,

I need to unload my Pathfinders. I have 1995 and 1994, both XE 4WD.

The 94 has a rotten frame, has been used as a parts vehicle and isn't roadworthy.

It's missing the radiator, starter, some wheel lugs, the hub cover bolts, front bumper and grill. The center console disintegrated from age and sun.

Probably a few more items I can't remember.

It has 157688 miles and when the frame rusted through, everything but the cruise control worked. There is some corrosion on the body but mostly restricted to the front wheel

wells and tire rack.

The 95 is my daily driver but it has issues. The transmission shifts a little odd like it's trying to find the right gear, especially when down shifting.

Also, unless the oil is over-filled, the check engine light comes on, it idles high and the mileage drops to @ 12 MPG. And, the front seal leaks oil.

The 4WD sensor seems to have a short in it and is cut at the sensor. Tires are in good shape but it needs some new bushngs in the front suspension.

I've replace the tie rod and the tie rod ends. The only thing that doesn't work on this one is the rear window washer and the fog lights aren't hooked up.

The previous owner did a crappy job trying to makeit a rock crawler and I've been slowly straightening out ever since. It show about to turn 400k miles but I know the

instrument panel has been replaced so I doubt it's true. I've put about 45k miles on it myself. I also put on lego wheels. It has the interior spare tire rack and does not

have a roof rack. Also the steering wheel shaft interior covers are missing. (I was going to take them from the 94). Both have aftermarket radio/CD players in them.

I am selling both together and with some time and resources could be combined to make one great pathfinder. I am asking 2500 obo for the set.


These are pictures of the 94. Pictures of the 95 PAthfinder to follow.





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