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95 Pathfinder. Temp Gauge and Engine Thermal Signal


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Having problems with the Temp Gauge not working. I have replaced the sender at the coolant outlet, checked continuity (ohms) on the single wire from the sender plug to the instrument cluster (0 ohms), ran wire from the 'B' Lug for Temp gauge to ground, needle moved. But gauge still doesn't work. Also have problem with the Thermal Temp Sensor for the ECM. Checked the 2 wires for continuity (0 ohms), cleaned all connectors. the engine has a slight backfire through the exhaust when decelerating and all trouble-shooting sources indicate the Thermal sender. It's been changed also for a new one. All suggestions welcomed, thanks.

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There is a voltage regulator that powers the gauge. Check input and output voltage of the regulator to ground. Should be battery voltage in and 8 volts out with the key on.

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If I ground the wire from the sender, the gauge goes all the way to hot. Is this the same thing. My fuel gauge works fine. How hot in F° should the coolant be running at when at optimal temperature?

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Are you grounding the sensor wire in the engine by the sensor, or at the other end in the cab?


The gauge grounds through the sensor. If you ground the wire at the sensor and get full hot on the gauge, then I would bet your sensor is bad. At operating temp the sensor should ohm to ground around 30-40 ohms. If it doesn't, bad sensor.


Temp depends on your thermostat, but around 170-195.

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