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The front turn signal at the bottom of the bumper


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Are you looking to change the whole turn signal unit, or just the bulb. Your post could mean either.


If its the bulb, after the unit is unbolted from bumper, the orange plastic lens can be popped/pried off with a small screwdriver, and the bulb can be removed by pressing towards the back lightly, and turning counter clockwise.


If its the unit you're looking to remove, there are 2 screws holding it to the bumper. Just remove the screws and the light unit will come out.



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You remove the light by first removing the two screws then reaching under, pull it towards you. Just watch out for spiders behind that area it's a nice hidey spot.

The lens has a couple of slots where you can put a flat screwdriver in and turn, then it comes apart. As for the wiring at the back of the housing, just undo the wiring if PO hasn't already crimp connected it. I had to cut my wiring and installed male/female connectors.

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