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Head scractching Ignition Issues


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Okay so here we go.


95 Pathy. 3.0 , 5 speed manual


Will not start.


When you put the key in the ignition and turn it once, the radio turns on like normal.

when you turn it to the next slot nothing happens. Obviously what should happen is you dash warning lights turn on and you gages begin to work and your fan should work.



Nothing works.


Then you go to turn it over and you can here the Ignition relay click but that is all that happens.


You can push start the pathy and it runs and is drivable, however the problem is still there. No gages, no dash warning lights, no fan or A/C.


So I checked all the fuses and replaced some that were good but where dirty from age. I replaced the ignition relay even though it was good. I bought a new ignition assembly, plugged it in and tried it. Everything remained the same. I replace the battery connections and the battery itself.


I have been asking around and no one seems to have a clue what it could be. I could really use a hand here if anyone has any insight into what the issue could be.


Also just incase there are any locals on here. I am a Marine stationed on Camp Lejeune, N.C.


I appreciate any help that is offered.


Semper Fi

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If the headlights work but your dash lights aren't then it's definitely the fusible link and one of those wires is burnt.

Check battery terminals are clean and tight and check distilled water level in battery.

Clean all ground wires are clean and making metal to metal contact. There's 3 to check, one on the inner fender between the battery and engine, one on the side of the engine and one at the rear of engine IIR.

Check volts at battery, you should have 12.4-12.6 with everything off at rest. Check with the engine running after you push start it. If it's anything below 13 volts then your alternator is on the way out and will need a rebuild or buy a new one. I'd rather just get new because a rebuild will cost about the same. Could also be starter.

Another test you can try is a voltage drop test. Touch multimeter red wire to positive on battery and black wire from multimeter to the alternator case making metal to metal contact. The voltage should be the same as if you were testing at the battery.

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I had similar issue on my 95 pathfinder & it ended up being a bad connection from the Starter to the battery however mine is an automatic as opposed to the manual but I would suggest starting there as far as with the dash lights and everything else not working It seems to me that is a seperate issue that you have going on & doesn't have anything to do with the starting problem. With the no dash lights I would start with checking the alternator to me it sounds like it may be on it's way out.

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Hey Brother, thanks for your service. Got 20 in myself.


This is most likely a long shot, but something to keep in mind. Most mechanical ignition switches have multiple electrical contact points inside them. If your ignition switch is failing electrically not all the contacts may be getting juice when they should. All your pathy needs to run is juice to the ECU and ignition. That's an exageration, but you get the point.


What makes me bring this up is the fact that you can drive it with a bump start, but everything else is dead.


Just a long shot to consider.


Good luck. Please post when you get it figured out. Electrical problems are gremlins and we can't have threads about how people fixed theirs.






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