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0-60 acceleration time?


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I had to rebuild my automatic transmission and I am going to take the car back from the mechanic these days.

I had some test drives already and I think that it acceleration is slower than before. The mechanic says that for him it is ok.

Do you have any technical specs where I can find 0-60 mph acceleration time? He says it should be more than 9 secs but I think it was supposed to be around 7 secs.

The Pathfinder is: 2003, 3.5 V6 LE 4X4, 240 pwh.


Also how it should react for kickdown (gas pedal depressed to the floor)? Lets say you drive 80km/h (4-th gear) and then you depress to the floor. Should it reduce gear to 2-nd or 3-rd?

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Mine will hold third until 85+ if held to the floor. It should never kickdown to second going that fast.


I have no idea on 0-60. I just drive mine and want it to last.

Did he use genuine nissan fluid? It's worth the extra .75 cents.

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I found an interesting page: http://www.nissanreference.com/pathfinder/1996-2004

There is an official brochure for 2002 and on the last page are some numbers. 0-60 mph is done in 9.2 sec, 0-80 mph is done in 17 sec.


The car is still in the mechanic shop as I didn't paid yet because I had feeling that something is wrong. I am going to get it back next week but I will take more test drive before I pay.

As for the oil he used Dextrone 6 but Nissan recommendation is Dextrone 3.


Do you have any ideas if I can check something specific while driving to make sure that the transmission is working correct?

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